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divar xf manual

Digital Hybrid RecorderTable of ContentsThe recommended cable type is Belden 8760 or.Video segments that.Use the arrow and enter keys.Table 8.2 Monitor view settings default values. Table 8.3 Configuration menu default values. Navigation Setting Default value Reset. Navigation Setting Default value ResetRobert-Koch-Stra?e 100. D-85521 Ottobrunn. Germany. Telefon 089 6290-0. Fax 089 6290-1020. Digital versatile Recorder 400 series four channel digital video recorder (86 pages).Connect a suitable cable to the RS485 connection on the DVR rear panel. 2. Digital Video Recorder en. Installation Manual. 16. Installation - Install in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and in accordance.For HD IP 19 Jun 2002 Installation Manual www.philipscsi. Digital video recorder for security applications. This manual describes the 16-channel version. Both 6 16. Installation - Install in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and in. Arizona form 3877 registered mail, Library shelf reading training manual, Form bangladesh, Micosoft fill in form sample, Costed past form of teach. Reload to refresh your session. Reload to refresh your session. Heed all warnings on the unit and in the operating instructions before operating the unit. 1. Cleaning - Unplug the unit from the outlet before cleaning. Follow any instructions provided with the unit. Generally, using a dry cloth for cleaning is sufficient but a moist, fluff-free cloth or leather shammy may also be used. Battery replacement - For qualified service personnel only - A lithium battery is located inside the unit enclosure. To avoid danger of explosion, replace the battery as per instructions. Replace only with the same or equivalent type recommended by the manufacturer. Dispose of the replaced battery in an environmentally friendly way and not with other solid waste. Refer all servicing to qualified service personnel. This safety feature allows the plug to fit into a grounded power outlet only.https://goaffordablemovers.com/UserFiles/brother-p-touch-1010-manual.xml

If unable to insert the plug into the outlet, contact a locally certified electrician to replace the obsolete outlet. Do not defeat the safety purpose of the grounding plug. Moving - Disconnect the power before moving the unit. Move the unit with care. All rights reserved. Trademarks All hardware and software product names used in this document are likely to be registered trademarks and must be treated accordingly. The unit has comprehensive search and playback facilities for viewing stored video. Once configured, all recording takes place in the background without requiring operator intervention. If desired, the unit can be rack mounted using the rack mounting kit supplied with the unit. 2.3.2 Ventilation Ensure that the location planned for the installation of the unit is well ventilated. The Quick install menu appears the first time the unit is started. The Quick install menu opens the first time the unit is used. Fill in the basic settings in the four tabs to get the unit operational. The unit begins recording automatically when the Quick install menu is closed. To open the Quick install menu at any other time: 1. Press the menu 2. The main menu appears on monitor A. button. 3. Click Configuration and then Quick install. Time zone Select a time zone from the list. Time format Select either a 12 or a 24 hour clock format. Time Fill in the current time. Date format Select from three date formats which show either the month (MM), 19 the day (DD), or the year (YYYY) first. Date Fill in the current date. The graphical representation is automatically updated when settings are changed. Click Next to move to the next tab. 3.3.3 Recording Figure 3.4 Quick install menu - Recording Set the Normal recording Resolution, Quality, and Frame rate for each profile in the table. Set the Alarm and Motion recording Resolution, Quality, and Frame rate. DVR name Enter a DVR name to be used in the network.http://designmyfence.com.au/ptexchange/resources/version050713101724/upload_files/uploads/editor/image/brother-p-touch-1090-user-manual.xml

DHCP Enable DHCP to have IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway assigned automatically by the network server. The actual values are displayed. IP address Fill in the IP, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server Subnet mask addresses when DHCP is disabled. The connector types and their pin signals are described. Most of the connectors are located at the rear panel of the unit. For convenience, one USB port is located on the front of the unit to connect a mouse or memory device. When installing the assembly into the rack, be careful not to restrict air flow around the vents located on the side panels or to exceed the recommended operating temperature. Secure the connection cables to the rack to relieve excessive weight to the back of the unit. 4.3 Hard disk installation Up to four hard disks can be installed in the DVR. All hard disks are accessed from the front of the unit by removing the front panel. It is recommended that you install the disks in order from one to four, as labeled. (Note that disks 3 and 4 are mounted in a double bay.) 2. Unscrew the two torx T10 screws securing the selected bay. Slide the bay from the unit by pulling it forward. 3. To replace an installed hard disk, remove the four installation screws, two per side, from the sides of the bay. There is no need to add a terminator to the output connector if no additional equipment is connected. If the camera signal is looped-through to additional equipment, make sure that the end of the video line is terminated with 75 ohm termination. The DivarXF automatically configures itself as a PAL or NTSC unit. The unit determines the standard by detecting the signal format of the first connected camera (lowest camera input number). The unit provides a 1 Vpp CVBS signal. If the monitor has a loop-through connection and you are not using the loop-through output, then select the 75 ohm impedance setting on the monitor. The recommended cable type is Belden 8760 or equivalent.

Termination Connect the keyboard terminator (supplied with the Intuikey keyboard) to the KBD out connector. If multiple Divar XF units are controlled with a single keyboard, the KBD out connector of the last Divar XF must be terminated. Connect using the supplied screw terminal adapter. The functions available can be limited by setting passwords. Some functions may also require a software license. An administrator has access to many more functions in the menu. 5.1 Front panel controls Divar Figure 5.1 Front panel controls 5.1.1 Keys The keys on the front panel control all functions. Symbols on the keys show the functions. So on a 16-channel unit with IP cameras, camera key 1 selects analog camera 1 and IP camera 17. 5.1.2 Indicators The indicators on the front panel display light or flash to alert you of various operating conditions. When multiple alarms or motion occur, camera pictures are combined in a multiscreen window on monitor A, B, or both. 5.3.1 Monitor A Monitor A is the main monitor. If you continue to press the multiscreen key, the unit cycles through all enabled multiscreen views. The picture is enlarged by a factor of 4. 4. Use the arrow keys to select the area of the picture to be displayed. 5. Press the zoom key again to return to a full picture and leave the zoom mode. Access to some menu items is password protected. Slight differences in navigation and selection are only due to the differences between the keys on the unit, the keyboard and the mouse. The menu structure is the same in all cases. The top menu appears on monitor A. To move through a menu or list, use the arrow keys on the front panel. To select a submenu or item, use the enter To go back, use the escape key To open the help text, press the help key. It allows you to write segments of recorded video and audio to a USB storage device or recordable DVD. Use the the Add button to move camera inputs to the sequence list.

Use the Move up or Move down buttons to put them in the desired order. Use Remove to clear a single item from the sequence list. Use Erase to clear all items from the sequence list. Status The Status submenu contains five tabs displaying status information. Version Info The version information tab displays the installed firmware version, serial number, and other version-related information for service purposes. If temperature levels are outside of the normal range, the displayed values are yellow. Logbook results Shows the Date, Time, and Event type of various system events. A video preview screen of the selected event is shown, if applicable. 5.10 Event handling Various types of events change the way the unit works. Monitor A: The border around the displayed cameos is red. The alarm icon is displayed in the corresponding cameo.The large number of parameters available gives you the opportunity to program extensive functionality. You must have administrator rights to access the configuration menus. Set to Manual and fill in the day, month, (YYYY) first. Note: If you synchronize manually and the actual time is put back by more than 10 minutes, all video content on the hard drive is deleted (a prompt is given). If put back less than 10 minutes, the clock is frozen for that allotted time. This prevents video data from being overwritten due to overlapping time stamps. By spending some time in planning and setting up the profiles available, you can provide efficient use of resources while maintaining effective cover for most types of working situations. Use the arrow and enter keys or mouse to draw an active area. 4. 6.3.3 6.4 When finished, select Save to activate the updated schedule. When a profile override is selected you then choose which of the six profiles is used and the override duration. 6.6 Motion The motion detection feature is configured by selecting the tabs for each individual analog video input. Actions when entering this profile Click Edit.

The copy function copies content from within a single profile to other profiles. The camera inputs and the action types within each of these profiles can be selected. The Configuration Tool runs on a PC that is connected to the Divar XF via an Ethernet network connection. Although all settings can also be configured with the on-screen display menu of the Divar XF itself, the Configuration Tool offers a very user-friendly alternative. First, a Divar XF must be added to the list. Type user name and password. Help button Click Help 7.3.6 75 at any time to get help. A dialog help window appears. The Default value column shows the values that are restored when the factory defaults item of the System settings menu is selected. We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence. When you submit a report, we'll investigate it and take the appropriate action. We'll get back to you only if we require additional details or have more information to share. Note that email addresses and full names are not considered private information. Please mention this; Therefore, avoid filling in personal details. The manual is 2,27 mb in size. If you have not received an email, then probably have entered the wrong email address or your mailbox is too full. In addition, it may be that your ISP may have a maximum size for emails to receive. Check your email Please enter your email address. Installation manual. Divar XFOpening or removing covers may expose you to dangerous voltage or other hazards. Bosch Security SystemsBattery replacement - For qualified service personnel only - A lithium battery is located inside the unit enclosure. NOTE! This manual has been compiled with great care and the information it contains has been thoroughly verified. The text was complete and correct at the time of printing. The ongoing development of the products may mean that the content of the user guide can change without notice.

Four manuals are supplied: - - - - Installation manual - a detailed description for installers on how to install the product. Support for guide Divar XF operation manual Divar XF Control Center and Archive Player operation manual Installation manual (this manual) service and testing purposes) Rack mounting kit A CD-ROM containing the software and manuals. Bosch Security Systems. Divar XF. Installation manualBosch Security Systems. Installation manualAlternatively, use the following front panel keys: - - - Use the enter Use the arrow Use the escape button menu - International. Click Overwrite to start making changes. Click Next to move to the next tab. Shows cable status. Fill in the IP, subnet mask, default gateway, and DNS server addresses when DHCP is disabled. Secure the supplied brackets to the rack manufacturer's instructions. Figure 4.2 Securing the rack mounting bracket. Slide the front panel to the right until it is free. Place the front panel on top of the unit, taking care not to strain the flat cable. If there is no room on top of the unit, disconnect the flat cable and set the front panel aside. Refasten the two captive cross head screws to the front panel.Connect cameras to the Video in connectors on the back of Video out connector. The camera input connectors are auto-. Figure 4.5 Eight video inputs with loop-through outputsThe DivarXF supports up to 16 audio inputs and 4 audio outputs. Connect using audio cable with RCA compatible connectors. LCD(s). Then connect the monitor to the corresponding loop-through connector. RS232 COM port connections. The RS232 COM ports are used to connect a PC to the unit for service purposes. Use a nullmodem cable to connect the serial port of the PC to the unit. The Baud, and the appropriate power. The Pelco D protocol is supported with the following baud settings: 2400 baud 1 start bit 8 data bits 1 stop bit no parity. Table 4.6 Control port - 15-pole D-type socket.

Installation manualFour USB connectors are located at the rear panel of the unit. For convenience, one USB port is located on the front of the unit to connect: AWG 26-16 (0.13-1.5 mm2). Risk of electric shock. Do not open the top cover or attempt to service the unit. No user serviceable parts inside. Opening the top cover will void the warranty! Installation manualThese instructions explain the purpose of the front panel is shown full screen when viewing video in multiscreen mode ESC keyInstallation manual. Figure 5.2 On-screen button panel. The buttons and indicators of the on-screen button panel work the same as the keys and indicators on the front panel. Bosch Security SystemsAlternatively, right click and select Freeze or Unfreeze from the context menu using the. Zoom To zoom in on a video time search from the pull-down menu. Alternatively, press the search. Installation manualThe menu gives access to several functions to help you use the unit. There are three ways of accessing the menu system: - - - via the front panel two submenus: - -. Installation manualPlayback of the displayed cameos starts. Figure 5.6 Search by date and timeFigure 5.7 Search Events menu - Search options. Search criteria - - - - - Under Channels, check the camera inputs to search for (highlight the un-numbered box playback of the selected recording.Installation manualFigure 5.9 Top menu - Export video. The export menu is accessed from the select it and click Change. To remove a video segment from the list, select it and click Remove. The archive list is saved until archiving is carried out. Video segments that have been partially white or gray). Multiscreens Select those multiscreen views that you wish to see. Installation manualConfigure monitors menu - Sequence. Sequence Select the length of time System information menu contains two submenus: - Status - opens a menu to view status information.

Divar XFTo restart the unit, disconnect the power cord, wait for at least 30 seconds, and then reconnect for various system events. Figure 5.15. Logbook menu - Logbook filterMake a selection of which images are displayed on the monitors without requiring user intervention.An alarm can cause the unit to react as follows A beeper sounds. A -acknowledge is enabled, the beeper and the alarm switch off after the dwell time.Bosch Security Systems. Divar XFIf a cameo. An alarm status message is displayed. - The motion indicator on the front panel flashes.Installation manual. Divar XFLanguage. Figure 6.1 International menu - LanguageSelect the preferred Temperature unit. Enter the actual Date. Set Daylight Saving to Automatic to enable it. Set to Manual and fill in the day, month, and time of both Start and End time, and the - Click Synchronize to start time synchronization. Note: If you synchronize manually and the actual time is put back by more than 10 minutes, all video content on the hard and corresponding audio inputs. Contrast - can be set manually with the slider if Auto contrast is disabled. Enable audio input - - - datasheet for a list of supported IP cameras and encoders. The selected profile is highlighted. Click Edit selected profile name to edit the name of the selected profile. Choose an individual input channel to configure the settings for recording its video and audio. Select the profile number to copy from. If the motion indicator exceeds the trigger level, a motion event is generated. Figure 6.8 Event menu - GeneralAuto acknowledge alarms - Enable when alarms should be acknowledged automatically. By default, an alarm must be manually acknowledged. Enable DHCP to have IP address, subnet mask, and default gateway assigned automatically by the network server. Figure 6.10. Network menu - Monitor streaming. Installation manualThis is for service purposes only.

Export system configuration saves a copy of the system key via: The license number and instructions on how to obtain the activation key can be found manualSelect the items to be logged. - - - Log contacts Log motion Log remote access. It also allows configuration settings to be saved on the CD and double click it. Follow the instructions on the screen and select the install Bosch Security Systems. To add a Divar XF to the list. To delete a Divar XF from the list. The selected Divar XF is removed from the list. The buttons in the top pane are control buttons that give direct access to various tasks. Select the values you want for the parameters. These values are updated immediately. Print To print the complete contents of the page or list when the Overview or Service page is active: 1. 2. Click Print to print the current settings. Click OK to print. or list when the Overview or Service. Installation manualInstallation manual. Resolution Quality Frame rate. Motion. Network. Setup. DVR Name DHCP IP address Subnet mask Default gateway DNS server Bandwidth limit. Reset N N N N N N N N N N N. Disabled Profile 1-6. Installation manualBegin address End address. Monitor streaming Storage Status Settings Service. Input 1.16. Override after. Disk full setSystemInstallation manual. Audio Inputs Outputs Sample rate Compression Mono V-12.6 V at max 400 mA.